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Visionneuse: Architecture (82)

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Colonnades of the Doges palace
Doges Palace
Architectural detail
St. Mark's Cathedral and campanile
St. Mark's Cathedral and Campanile
Odeon of Herode Aticcus
Temple of Poseidon in the sunset
Old Building
Winchester cathedral nave
Winchester cathedral front stained glass and ceiling
Wall of Erechtheum
Marble balustrade
Pont du Gard
Natural slates roof
Eiffel tower
Slate roof
East side of Poseidon Temple
Temple of Poseidon in the sunset light
Parthenon, Acropolis, Athens
Temple of Poseidon in the sunset light
Temple of Poseidon
Colored bungalows
Diminishing doors
Paris by night
Houses of Parliament with Big Ben
Temple of Poseidon
Paris, La Defense
Caryatid, Erechtheum
Panoramic view of Acropolis
Victoria Tower Gardens
Trafalgar square
Chapel on Rock
Columns of Erechtheum
Campanile and Italian Flag
Houses of Parliament at twilight
Columns of Poseidon Temple in the sunset light
Columns at Parthenon
stoa of attale, Ancient Agora
Piazza San Marco
Avebury church cemetery
Tower bridge
Propylea gate
St Michael's Tower on top of Glastonbury Tor
San Giorgio Maggiore and Guidecca islands
Detail column
Columns of Erechtheum temple
Victoria tower
Avebury church
Columns and architraves of Erechtheum
Detail column front of the Parthenon
Temple of Poseidon
Mont St Michel in the mist
East Columns of Erechtheum Temple
Houses of Parliament
Detail column of Erechtheum
Ancient Agora
Colored roof
Street lamp on Westminster bridge
Street lamp
Big Ben tower
San Giorgio Maggiore
Stone bridge
Big Ben
Big Ben in the early morning
Columns of Erechtheum
Acropolis entrance
Avebury church and graveyard
Bungalows lined up
Closed beach hut
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